There is nothing we value more than your feedback and nothing we enjoy more than seeing the REAL success we give to our clients! In over 5 years of helping brands take control of their niche on Amazon we still get excited when someone has their first $100k month, we want to celebrate that moment with as many people as possible.

"To everyone that's shared their success - Thank You - you've made my dreams a reality." -Oliver Swan

“I went from controlling under 10% to over 70% of my niche in 56 days. Oliver's Amazon brand management is so good it feels like I'm cheating!”

- Letisha H.

“I purchased the Brand Flywheel coaching in Nov 2018 and I wish it was still available to new customers now! I got ROI in under 3 weeks and his level of flywheel understanding has now got me selling over 7-figures a month with over 60% niche control! I love it! THANK YOU OLIVER!”

- Hillary H.

“Stop reading this review and just buy it already!!! The level of knowledge Oliver has is flabbergasting. He's been managing my brand for 2 months and I've gone from 100 to 6000 units/month!!!”

- Shea N.

“I've been selling on Amazon for a LONG time before I was introduced to Oliver and I made good money but I always knew it could be better. By manging my brand properly and fixing all the gaps I missed I went from selling 15k to 35k units a month in 45 days! This guy is like the Amazon whisperer!”

- Dyson G.

“The quality here is simply unbelievable! I've been working with Oliver since 2017 and I've purchased 6 of his coaching programs now. The speed he can produce new high-quality content is insane! You CANNOT find anything better than this elsewhere. Whatever he's selling you need to buy it, no question!”

- Willette A.

“You don't understand how smart he is till you speak to him yourself. Oliver as recommended to me from a friend and after trying and failing with several other agencies I thought I'd have a meeting expecting more of the same. I was instantly blown away by his insight and I couldn't imagine working without him now!”

- Barbi U.

“The results were incredible. I would gladly pay over $10,000/month for Oliver's Amazon brand management!!! He was able to take me from 5% to 80% niche control in 90 days! Wow what a great service, I love it!”

- Eleanore D.

“Oliver's Amazon growth system is the most valuable business decision I have EVER made. He got to work instantly and helped me forge better relationships with my suppliers and combined with his ability to immediately cultivate a brand following it allowed me to scale 20x in 4 months!”

- Tildi C.

“I've been subscribed to Oliver's mailing list since the beginning of 2018. The free information he just hands to people every week is so valuable. I've taken other Amazon seller courses and ecommerce courses online and I haven't made my money back on any of them. Oliver is different though. The dedication with his mentor program is unbelievable, I can't thank him enough for everything he's done for me. If it wasn't for Oliver I'd still be struggling to sell $1000 a month, but now I'm selling over $150,000 a month all year round!”

- Mirelle G.

“I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding service. If you aren't sure, always go for his Amazon management. You won't regret it. It's the smartest business decision I ever made”

- Andrea R.

“It's the perfect solution for our brand. Oliver's Amazon growth coaching is killer. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from it so far.”

- Augusto Q.

“Working in the health and beauty niche I honestly thought Oliver wouldn't be able to help me (stereotyping I know). In under 30 days I was already achieving 4x sales figures and I was able to fuel all my extra profits directly back into expnding my business even further! I'm writing this review in the middle of month 2 and I'm on track to be selling 6x what I was before Oliver stepped in and fxed my brand!”

- Shaylah V.

“Oliver has been personally managing my brands on Amazon for the last 18 months. When I first signed I was anxious because when we had our first call the potential numbers he thought I could achieve were really really high. I didn't think my brand would ever do that well in such a competitive niche. I WAS WRONG. Since month 1 he has CRUSHED every target he set. I've recommended Oliver already to everyone in my mastermind group and I strongly recommend you, whoever you are, start using this man today.”

- Jude B.

“I began working with Oliver back in 2016 and I've launched 3 different brands with him in that time. The services he provided and his help as a mentor has definitely sky-rocketed my success! Thanks to Oliver's advice I now sell over $1,000,000 on Amazon a week!”

- Kurt M.

“My brand always sold well on my website but I was always scared of getting involved with Amazon. I knew it would be a big risk for my brand and that Amazon fees would take a big chunk of my profit on every order. I didn't like that idea. After my first consultation with Oliver I was completely reassured that getting my products onto Amazon was a good idea and the right decision for me personally. After 30 days Oliver set me up fully on Amazon and was able to generate new sales on both Amazon and my website by growing my brand. My sales figures doubled in month 1!”

- Templeton J.

“I JUST SOLD 100K UNITS IN 6 MONTHS!!! THANK YOU OLIVER SWAN!!! I started with his done-for-you amazon brand management services and after 2 months joined his coaching and mentoring program. We worked together in perfect tandem to get some crazy results for my brand. I signed with Oliver wanting to sell 5k units/month and thinking it would take a year. Now I'm selling 20k units/month EFFORTLESSLY!”

- Tara X.

“Oliver is my personal mentor and he's helped me grow my brand in so many different ways I couldn't even list 2% of them in under 1000 words. I still get to operate the lifestyle business I love so much, but now I get to do it for over 10x the profit I was earning before!”

- Penn D.

“Oliver's Amazon management is worth a fortune to me and my brand. Since January 2019 he's already generated me $400k in additional revenue and the level of advice he's willing to share on his free webinars is crazy. I've made over $10k from those tips alone.”

- Ahmad M.

“If you want your brand to succeed on Amazon then just ask Oliver. There's nothing more you need to do.”

- Hewet I.

“Oliver is a fountain of Amazon knowledge I wouldn't be able to do business without.”

- Cam S.

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