I help brands become leaders on Amazon

...with complete marketplace management.

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I help brands become leaders on Amazon.

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Hello, I'm Oliver, expert Amazon Account Manager. I've been working with amazing brand owners like you for the past five years. Making sure you get the absolute best results on Amazon.

I first began selling on Amazon in 2013, fresh-faced and eager to make the most of Amazon's huge potential. Selling over 120,000 units of my own private label products. After two incredible years of learning I mastered the skills and attitude required to harvest the power of Amazon. I now aim to recreate that success for others. Five years later I've directly supported over 500 brands and mentored over 6,000 sellers to realise their potential. Growing from a 1-man operation to a team of 12 different account managers led by me.

And our journey is only beginning...

My service is most effective for brand owners who are one or more of the following:  

  • Completely dedicated to their brand  
  • Passionaite about their product range and its added value
  • Rich with honesty and integrity
  • Are feeling "stuck" and don't know how to fix it
  • Prepared to invest in their business and their future


Dear Brand Owner,

Want to be a category leader on the world’s biggest e-commerce platform? Book a call.  

Just simply want your products on Amazon? …Go ask somebody else…  

I work tirelessly to take brands from invisible to top-of-the-chain and we keep them here.  


We have been working with Amazon since 2013 and know the platform better than anybody else. We understand the algorithm inside-out and without fault deliver better search result rankings, better reviews, wildly profitable advertising campaigns, beautiful listing content, product improvement suggestions, streamlined logistics, customer outreach and absolutely everything required to be successful on Amazon.  


From humble beginnings working out of my box-bedroom as an eager 16-year-old punk with a vision of greatness and no clue of how to get there, to an incredibly successful Amazon account manager with one of the strongest and most consistent growth records in the game. I launched my first product on Amazon in the health & beauty category and amassed £2m in sales within the first 2 years before selling the brand and dedicating my efforts to duplicating those results for as many brands as possible. That’s when my Amazon account management journey began.  

Since then I have: Worked directly with over 100 brands, Mentored over 500 brands, and Helped over 6,000 business owners improve their sales.  

We are now a team of 12 highly dedicated account managers all coached and trained personally by me. My passion is success without exception, and I want to share that with everyone I meet. That’s why I still personally oversee every client and why we all work tirelessly to give your brand the best possible opportunity.  

New to Amazon or not happy with the results you’re seeing?  

I hope to hear from you soon.


Complete Amazon Account Management

This complete package is designed to catapult your brand status and product sales inside Amazon from the bottom of the pile to the top-of-the-class best sellers capturing consistent 5-star reviews. With this service Oliver will completely overhaul your listing optimisation and marketing strategy to deliver incredible improvements within just 30 days. This service works best for existing brands new to Amazon or completely new-to-market brands. You must be prepared for massive scale with this package, meaning you must be able to source 3x your current monthly stock at a minimum.

Click the button below to schedule your free session and learn if we are right for you and your brand.



I want you to succeed. I truly mean that. I want your brand to take over your category and I want you to have complete control over your business and the money it makes you. I'll personally provide you with everying that's required to make your brand a wildly profitable success and personally manage your Amazon listing optimization and advertising platform.

This means I also expect you to put in the work and effort required to make these strategies work for your brand.


Because I only want to work with fully-motivated people who are truly dedicated and passionate about running their own successfull brand. If you're not prepared to put in the hard-work required to be a success then I don't want to work with you. It's as simple as that.

I have full confidence in my methods. I have helped over 600 different Amazon private label brands including my own since I started selling online in 2013. All of this means I have had 600 different experiences of massive success on Amazon. My methods have been perfected to apply to every category and every price range without fault. I have systemised Amazon to a point where any brand can work with me to apply my tactics and take control of their category.

I have retained a 99% success rate with every single brand I've managed on behalf of my clients and hit some incredible heights. This includes taking 4 brands from 0 to over £1m per month in sales in under 9 months, taking 30 brands from 0 to over £250k per month in sales in under 3 months and, taking over 100 brands to triple their revenue in under 60 days. The work I do brings real results for real people.

4 x £1,000,000 Brands

30 x £250,000 Brands

100+ Brands Tripling Sales

That's why everything I do is backed by a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Book your FREE strategy session by clicking the button below and run through your brand and learn more about how you can begin working with Oliver. These 45-minute 1-on-1 sessions won't be around forever. Act now before you miss out!


Work with the specialist consultant who has helped brands all over the globe unleash their power and take over their category.



"Oliver has been personally managing my brands on Amazon for the last 18 months. When I first signed I was anxious because when we had our first call the potential numbers he thought I could achieve were really really high. I didn't think my brand would ever do that well in such a competitive niche. I WAS WRONG. Since month 1 he has CRUSHED every target he set. I've recommended Oliver already to everyone in my mastermind group and I strongly recommend you, whoever you are, start using this man today."

- Jude B.



"I began working with Oliver back in 2016 and I've launched 3 different brands with him in that time. The services he provided and his help as a mentor has definitely sky-rocketed my success! Thanks to Oliver's advice I now sell over $1,000,000 on Amazon a week!"

- Kurt M.



"My brand always sold well on my website but I was always scared of getting involved with Amazon. I knew it would be a big risk for my brand and that Amazon fees would take a big chunk of my profit on every order. I didn't like that idea. After my first consultation with Oliver I was completely reassured that getting my products onto Amazon was a good idea and the right decision for me personally. After 30 days Oliver set me up fully on Amazon and was able to generate new sales on both Amazon and my website by growing my brand. My sales figures doubled in month 1!"

- Templeton J.